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Planning for your next big project? Looking to meet your ongoing marketing and development needs without the overhead costs of hiring an employee? AW designs is just what you need. We offer Retainer Packages in addition to project-based rates and hourly rates. Pick the plan that suits your needs and budget!

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Retainer Packages;

Guaranteed time for your graphic design, marketing, and development needs.

A Retainer Package guarantees a set number of hours each 4-week Period. Sign up for a Retainer Package and you'll receive peace of mind knowing time every week is dedicated to completing your current design, marketing, and/or development projects. 


Included Services:

  • Graphic Design – Creation of print materials, digital content, advertisements, and more.

  • Marketing – E-newsletters, press releases, event and program promotion, and more.

  • Website Management – Adding content, editing content, creating upcoming events, and more.

  • Social Media Management – Content creation, monitoring comments and engagement, follower growth, and more.

  • Development and Fundraising – Mailing campaigns, sponsorship packets, grant writing, and more.


What is not included: Services do not include logo design, website design, and strategic marketing/fundraising planning. Also does not include third-party fees such as photography and fonts. Additional services are available upon request.

Premium Package

Full services for

7.5 hours per week.


Receive priority in projects PLUS a 13% discount from

our regular project-based pricing.

30 hours | $1,699

per 4-week period

Deluxe Package

Full services for

5 hours per week.

Receive priority in projects PLUS an 11% discount from our regular project-based pricing.

20 hours | $1,150

per 4-week period

Basic Package

Full services for

2.5 hours per week.

Receive priority in projects PLUS a 9% discount from

our regular project-based pricing.

10 hours | $599

per 4-week period

Why choose a Retainer Package?

With a Retainer Package, you get...

  • Access to a team of professional designers, marketers, and fundraisers without the overhead costs of an employee.

  • A discounted rate compared to the regular project-based rate.

  • Scheduling priority with a guaranteed amount of work each week.

  • A set bill each period so you don't have to worry about fluctuating fees.

  • High-quality services with peace of mind!

Contact us today for a FREE CONSULT to find the best package to suit your needs.

Project-Based Pricing;

Not ready to commit to a retainer package? Do you have just one or two marketing needs that AW designs can help you with? Work with us on a project basis!


The majority of services are billed at an hourly rate of $65 per hour. However, larger projects such as logo/brand design and website design are typically quoted based on the unique scope of your project. We also offer special nonprofit rates for project-based work.

The best way to determine your project rate is to contact us for a free consult and quote!


Get a Quote;

Let's get started! Reach out to schedule your FREE consulation and explore how we can partner to bring your design and marketing needs to life.

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